Less Stress. More Success. Sweepstakes on Strutta9

Promotions should be fun for organizers too! Strutta9 allows you to build a high-converting Sweepstakes in minutes.

With Strutta9, create a sweepstakes in 3-steps:

Step 1: Setup

Select your preferences, such as your sweepstakes' URL, optional geographical restrictions, and custom rules.

Step 2: Design

Easily customize colours and graphics, add form-fields and social sharing options, and instantly preview your work.

Step 3: Launch

...And you’re ready to go! Your promotion can be launched to accept entries immediately, or at a future date.

Amazing promotion Designs for all

While it’s great to be a CSS/design expert, this shouldn’t be a pre-requisite for getting the promotion design that you want. Strutta9 provides a new way to design your promotion, giving control over your design without the challenge of writing a stylesheet.

Whether you’ve designed 0 web projects or 1000, you’re going to love Strutta9.

Have your say in what we build next

Strutta9 is currently in its Alpha Test phase, meaning that we are releasing it now to collect as much feedback about its future direction as possible. Not only does this result-in completely free access to the platform*, it also means that your ideas/desires for what will be built into Strutta9 have a great chance of being implemented quickly!

Have an idea for something you think should be different or something that’s missing? Just use the in-app chat window to let us know. We reply to each piece of feedback personally.

Built on an industry-leading technology platform

Not only will Strutta9 provide a great user experience while you’re building your promotion, it’s built on the most-robust technology platform in the industry, the Strutta Promotions API. Launch your promotion and relax knowing that your marketing campaign can withstand even the heaviest traffic onslaught without missing a beat.

Interested in building your own promotion or app using the Promotions API?

Learn more about our API

Strutta9 Alpha Test FAQ

What is an "Alpha"? Why is it free?

An Alpha version of a software application is an early release in the development cycle. We're making it available for free right now in order to collect feedback from users on how to best-build the next features and deliver something that you'll love!

How much feedback are we talking about?

The Strutta9 survey is just a couple of questions, mostly multiple choice. Of course, if you're willing to give more feedback, we're all ears!

Does that mean it's unreliable?

Although this is an early release, Strutta9 has already been extensively tested by our team. While we can't provide the same guarantees that we do for our paid platform while Strutta9 is in "Alpha", we're confident that it will provide great performance.

What happens to my promotion once the Alpha is finished?

The Strutta Team will regularly communicate with you about upcoming deadlines and changes to the platform. If, at anytime, you have something that you would like to carry-forward and are afraid of losing (i.e. a live sweepstakes), just reach out to us.

Less Stress. More Success.

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